05 Jan 2010

Public Google Apps Calendar showing “busy”

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If you are trying to publicly display a calendar created through a Google Apps account, but all events are displaying as “busy”, follow these steps to allow the public to see all event details.

1) Login as an Administrator to your Google Apps account. (http://www.google.com/a/yourdomain.com)

2) At the dashboard, click “Calendar”.

3) Under “Sharing options”, change the “Outside this domain” setting to either of the “Share all informations”.

4) It will take an hour or two for the changes to take effect. When they do, you will now be able to change the “Sharing” settings on your calendar to allow the public to see the event details.

9 Responses to “Public Google Apps Calendar showing “busy””

  1. Andreas says:

    Thanks, that was really helpful! :-)

  2. Matt Quackenbush says:

    I have been searching for an answer to this question for quite some time now, and finally chose the right keyword combination that led me to your post. Thank you!

  3. Josh L says:

    You are a life saver!

    Took me a good 40 minutes to find this gem of information. :)

  4. Christian Louboutin Boots says:

    Hi, for those of you folk having browser issues you can attempt something that worked for me. I just cleared my cache and then reloaded the page. Hope that was useful.

  5. Ash says:

    I would have never found this answer by myself! Thanks for this!

  6. Manuel says:

    Thanks mate. Funny Google has this not in the FAQ as it seems a general problem. You are better :D

  7. Michael Carnell says:

    Any idea why a calendar would set itself back to Free/Busy only? The setting above is set correctly. I great a new calendar that is public. But when I add an event to the calendar the entire calendar goes back to showing free/busy only and the option to let public view events is gone.

  8. Lorrin says:

    @Michael Carnell: Same problem here.

  9. Lorrin says:

    @Michael Carnell: Aha! I bumped into that too. There are now separate settings for users’ primary calendars (under Org Settings) and for secondary calendars (under General). After enabling sharing all information for secondary calendars as well (and waiting), I was able to once again make my calendar publicly viewable.

    I suspect what triggers the problem is when you add an event to a public secondary calendar for the first time since they made it two settings instead of one.

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