Get a Short URL for your Company's Facebook Page

An easy to remember Facebook URL for your company’s page can be a great asset for further marketing your online presence. If you are an administrator of your Facebook page, you can follow these steps to create an easy to remember name (for example, Element Design’s Facebook URL is

*(Updated 8/30/11) *

1) Login to Facebook

2) Go to

The “Page Name” drop down is a list of all pages where you are currently an admin. Simply select the business page, then a “Enter Desired Username” will pop up on the right.

Whatever you type in this box will placed directly after “”. Be sure to capitalize each word in this box, as it will retain capitalization when users visit your page. Also note that once you click “Check Availability”, you will never be able to go back and make changes. Triple-check your spelling!

If it gives you the message “Your Company is not eligible for a username at this time. In the future,Your Company will be able to set a username.“, this can be due to several reasons. One is that your page may be to new for this feature, or you do not have enough fans or activity to warrant an easy to remember URL. Keep working on building a fan base, post relevant content, and keep checking back!

Update 11/10/2011: Thanks to Woody in the comments, he pointed out that all Facebook URLs can be abbreviated to an even shorter version. The URL redirects to the normal for all URLs. For example, instead of, you can use